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Tiger Class - Year 5 and Year 6

Welcome to Tigers Class

Welcome to Tigers Class 1 Mrs Lim is your classteacher
Welcome to Tigers Class 2 Miss Betts is your classteacher
Welcome to Tigers Class 3 Mr Olbrechts is your teaching assistant

As well as enjoying time in the snow on Tuesday morning, we wrote some wintry poems. We hope you enjoy them!



Bitter cold Winter,

Fascinating, white snowflakes,

Falling gently down.

By Bradley


Fluffy, soft, gentle,

Reflecting the cold winter light,

Outstanding open now

Soft kind amazing

Twirling, Swirling to the ground

Yes! It’s great!

By Eva


Frosty, frozen flakes,

Spiralling slowly downwards

Gently to the ground

By Michael and Finley



Frosty air above,

Delicate, shimmering flakes,

Bitter snow falling.

By Harry


Can’t stop shivering,

Only bitter cold

Loud wind whistling,

Devastating the old winter’s night.

Amadou and Efe






Ice – rink-creator

Frostbite - maker

Body - hurter

Floor - coverer

Lake – freezer


Warmth - vanisher

Blizzard - former

Gracefully descending

Gentle - lander

Floor - shimmerer

Happiness - maker

Snowman - creator

Flurry - former

By Alice


Frozen icy rivers,

Reflecting the sunlight

One frosty snowflake,

Softly and slowly dancing down,

To the cold frosty grass.

By Elizabeth


Wonderful clear sky

Steadily, slow falling flakes

Pure, fluffy white snow

By Tegan




Snowman - maker

Excitement - causer

Car - crasher

Road - closer

Ice - squinter

Ground coverer


By Seb



Ground coverer,

Toe freezer,

Fun bringer,

People knocker,

Car breaker,

Window polisher.


By Ashton



Picture 1 Independently researching topics we enjoy.
Picture 2 Reading for information.
Picture 3 Investigating in Science.
Picture 4 Will we get the same result?

Tigers Class have drawn up a list identifying what is expected by the teacher in all pieces of writing. 

This list include statements on features such as

  • Using a blue handwriting pen or a sharp pencil

  • Copying the date and Learning Intention from the board and underlining them

  • Using a capital letter and full stop (or question mark / exclamation mark) in a sentence and a capital letter for proper nouns

  • Including adjectives and adverbs to make the writing more interesting

  • Including a range of punctuation such as commas and speech marks where needed

  • Writing complex sentences with clauses

  • Using word lists or a dictionary to support the correct spelling of words

  • Reading through completed writing and making corrections to improve the overall standard

  • Responding to feedback marking comments before starting the next piece of learning