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Eagle Class - Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Eagles Class

Welcome to Eagles Class 1 Mr Moorfield is your Class Teacher
Welcome to Eagles Class 2 Mrs Gaffney is your HTLA
Come in side and catch us learning!

Eagles class has drawn up a list to identify what is expected by the teachers in all pieces of writing.


This list include statements on features such as

  • Using a blue handwriting pen or a sharp pencil

  • Copying the date and Learning Intention from the board and underlining them

  • Using a capital letter and full stop (or question mark / exclamation mark) in a sentence and a capital letter for proper nouns.

  • Including adjectives to make the writing more interesting.

  • Including a range of punctuation such as commas and speech marks where needed

  • Using word lists or a dictionary to support the correct spelling of words

  • Reading through completed writing and making corrections to improve the overall standard

  • Responding to feedback marking comments before starting the next piece of learning