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Emerald Class Trip to Beaney

Emerald Class trip to the Beaney Museum


On Tuesday, the children from Emerald Class went on a trip to the Beaney Museum in Canterbury as part of their learning about ‘Toys’ and linked to our whole school theme of ‘Creative People’. They were very excited to travel on a double-decker bus to the bus station and then walked to the museum. Inside, they visited a special exhibition featuring Star Wars toys, and had the chance to dress up as Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper – look at the photos in the Gallery page of the school website and see if you can work out who is behind the masks.

The children then took part in a workshop focusing on characters from the Bagpuss stories and TV series, and had a chance to create their own mouse puppet. After lunch, they explored the rest of the museum finding huge paintings, more examples of toys from the past and another opportunity to dress up.

The children had a really memorable day and were a credit to the school through their behaviour and interest in everything they saw.

Thank you to Miss Walker for organising the day, and to the parents who volunteered to accompany the children and support their learning.