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Excellent Attendance Figures

Excellent Attendance Figures

As a school, we have set ourselves the

challenging target of achieving a whole

school average attendance of 97+% over this year. From September to the end of last week the school average was calculated as 97.08% ! This is a great achievement and reflects well on the commitment that parents and children are making to their learning. Owls Class have the best attendance record of 98%; and all year groups, except years 3 and 5, are currently over 97%.

The following children have achieved 100% attendance in terms 3 and 4: Harry, Bradley, Seb, Aidan, Poppy B, Robyn, Ashton, Freddie, Harrison C, Sophie C, Oscar, Tyler M, Olivia S, Tyler M, Henley, Niamh, Jamie, Sonney.

These children have maintained 100% attendance since September: Nathan, Jack D, Elizabeth, Leon, Michael, Ruby, Ryan, Hetty and Olivia.