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Global Citizenship

As part of our whole-school study entitled ‘Our Unique Planet’, we are making a particular effort to develop the children’s understanding and knowledge of different cultures and countries around the world.

The term ‘Global Citizenship’ refers to children having an understanding of how interconnected the world is today through ease of communication and opportunities to travel to or work in other areas of the world. It also allows us to explore and challenge stereotypes and develop an awareness of events occurring in the world.

A recent theme in our daily collective worship has been considering the question ‘Is the world a fair place?’ and highlighting the work of individuals such as Dr. Barnardo and Mother Theresa who worked to improve the lives of those around them. Our Bible passage has been the special commandment that Jesus left us to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. We have also compared our lives to those of children in less-developed countries. Seb in Tigers Class summed up our considerations perfectly in his answer;

‘We have what we want but they do not even have what they need’

Miss Walker is currently organising a Geography Display in the Hall based on information sent in by families about relatives and friends they have in other countries. Please encourage and support your child to bring in a photograph and information to add to the display.