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Space Week

To mark the beginning of the 50th year since humans first walked on the moon, all classes have focused on different aspects of Space as a basis for their learning over this week.

Bees Class have created a wonderful role play area complete with a lunar module, control desk and equipment for the astronauts to complete space walks and experiments on the moon’s surface. They have also explored ‘fascinating moon facts’; particularly why the moon does not always appear round when we look at it.

Owls Class tested the effect of meteorites colliding with the Moon’s surface to understand why the surface of the Moon is not smooth but covered in craters. Dropping marbles into trays of flour created an effective simulation of the process and the children were able to re-create the footprints left on the moon’s surface by the astronauts in the spilt flour! They also wrote moon poetry and created collage pictures of rockets in flight.

Eagles Class designed, built and, most importantly, tested their own rockets with great success. Special mention to Hendrix, Tyler, Nicholas, Shilla, Oscar and Olivia S for their designs and length of flight achieved. The children also researched the lives of astronauts with a particular focus on the career of British astronaut Tim Peake and his time spent on the International Space Station.

Tigers Class researched the career highlights of some of the more famous astronauts, while Wolves Class created a timeline of space travel from the 1940s to the present day.

The highlight of the week, for all children, was visiting the special ‘Space’ room created in the Den. With great secrecy, Mrs Lim had arranged for original specimens of rock collected from the moon on various Apollo missions to be in school for the week, along with fragments of meteorite and strange magnetic rocks. The children, and staff, were engrossed by these amazing pieces of history from space.