Church of England Primary School

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Wider Learning Opportunities

As a school, we are always looking for ways in which to broaden our curriculum and to provide additional opportunities for the children to try new activities and learn new skills.

This term, we are hosting a Martial Arts Club after school on Mondays. The coach for this session is provided by Matt Fiddes Martial Arts. The aims of the sessions are to encourage fitness, boost self-confidence, develop social skills as well as increase flexibility, strength and balance. The children attending have been very enthusiastic after the first two sessions – and the visiting coach has already praised our children’s  listening and team-working skills.

Some children have also signed up to attend Young Filmmakers Club which meets on a Tuesday after school. The aim of this club is for children to be supported and guided by professionals to make their own short films in different genre such as adverts, documentary and talent show formats. The school will receive copies of the films made; which will be put on to the school website, and they will be entered into an inter-school Oscar Award Ceremony!

There have been a wide variety of clubs on offer over this year, and they are becoming increasingly popular with some children staying to three different clubs each week. If you have any suggestions for future clubs we could offer the children, or contacts with an external provider we could work with, please let us know.