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Wimille 2017

On Thursday 12th October the school visited Wimille.

It was a very early start, with children arriving at school by 6:15am, in order to make the most of the time in France.

Our first visit was to the school – and, as usual, we were made to feel very welcome. A huge banner was spread between windows on the first floor, saying “Welcome Littlebourne” in red and blue letters. Children and staff greeted us and a photo was taken of children from both schools outside the entrance.

Some time was spent in classrooms having some short lessons in French, then playing with new friends on the playground.

After a short walk around the town and some outdoor games, the activity equipment in the park proved very popular.

When it was time to leave our hosts, our party headed to the beach. It was a lovely day for creative competitions and playing on the sand.

We arrived back in Littlebourne 11 hours after beginning our trip. Quite a day!