Church of England Primary School

Together we learn, achieve and grow


Members of Staff

Members of Staff 1 Executive Headteacher - Ms Ren Chinnadurai
Members of Staff 2 Head of School - Mrs Stella Byrne
Members of Staff 3 Special Needs Co-ordinator - Mrs Carla Long
Picture 1 Bee Class (Reception) teacher - Miss Maisie Walker
Picture 2 Owls Class (Years 1/2) teacher - Mrs Sarah Vickers
Picture 3 Eagles Class (Years3/4) teacher - Miss Gill Betts
Picture 4 Tigers Class (Years 5/6) teacher - Mrs Dianne Lim
Picture 1 Mrs Sharon Newman - Bees Class TA
Picture 2 Mrs Amy O'Keeffe - Owls Class TA
Picture 3 Miss Hannah Goodman - Owls Class TA
Picture 4 Mrs Laura Gaffney - Eagles Class HLTA
Picture 5 Mrs Paula Hines - Tigers Class TA
Picture 1 Mrs Karen Berry - School Secretary
Picture 2 Mrs Pat Coleman - School Secretary
Picture 3 Mr Gary Field - School Caretaker
Picture 4 Mrs Gill Voller - meal servery and school cleaning
Picture 1 Miss Julia Tomlinson - PE teacher (Sports Premium)
Picture 2 Mrs Liz Bailey - PPA cover and PE teacher