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Here at Littlebourne, we recognise reading as being a key life skill which underpins every element of the wider curriculum.  We understand that by confidently learning this skill, children are given the chance to take the first step towards being lifelong readers and developing an essential life skill.   We value and encourage children to read for pleasure and enjoyment and we do this by exposing them to a wide range of authors and genres.


This is why we teach reading through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised, which is a systematic and synthetic phonics programme.  We follow the Little Wandle progress, which ensures children build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code and mastering phonics to allow them to read and spell as they move through our school.


We value reading as a crucial life skill so by the time our children leave KS1, they read confidently for meaning and pleasure.  Our children are equipped with the tools needed to tackle unfamiliar vocabulary and we actively encourage them to see themselves as readers for pleasure and purpose.


Our Intent, Implement and Impact statements can be found and further explored in our Phonics and Early Reading Policy below.

Little Wandle Progression




Year One

Year Two

Term 1

Begin Phase 2


Term 2

Phase 2

Reading practice begins


Term 3 & 4

Phase 3


Term 5 & 6

Phase 4

Term 1

Recap Phase 3 & 4


Term 2,3,4

Phase 5


Term 5

Review Phase 5


Term 6

Phonics screen check

No new GPCs or tricky words

Term 1

Review Phase 5




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