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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

Together, we grow, thrive and achieve

School Values

Our values underpin everything we do and help us to become the citizens of tomorrow.  They contribute strongly to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children and we encourage them to live by them.


Respect is about knowing and understanding that each and every one of us is valuable.  In teaching the value of respect, we ensure that our children:


  • Accept each other for who or what they are
  • Understand that we are all different and that is ok
  • Respect others by treating them as they wish to be treated
  • Are able to take care of the things they have
  • Are proud of who they are and celebrate this with confidence
  • Think of others and the impact we can have on them


Compassion is about us being able to identify with the feelings of somebody else.  By doing this, we can act in a way that helps others.  In teaching the value of compassion, we ensure that our children:


  • Foster a school culture in which kindness is valued and practiced
  • Understand how others are feeling and can support this
  • Understand that by being compassionate, we put the needs of others before our own
  • Fell safe and secure asking for and helping others.
  • Develop empathy and strong relationship skills



Courage is all about make good choices when we are faced with a challenge.  It allows us to stand up for what we believe in and it makes us stronger individuals.  In teaching the value of courage, we ensure that our children:


  • Can face their fears or obstacles
  • Stand up for what they believe
  • Use the power of their voice and actions to create change
  • Do not get held back because of fear
  • Can successfully navigate social and emotional challenges
  • Learn never to give up



Hope is about developing our attitude and mind to foster our faith.  It helps us to keep on going.  In teaching the value of hope, we ensure that our children:


  • Develop a positive 'can-do' attitude regardless to the enormity of a task
  • Understand that there are no barriers to success
  • Develop positive life attitudes
  • Understand that there is always an option
  • Never to give up



Koinonia is about developing and sharing our strength of a community.  It guides us to the same end goal.  In teaching the value of koinonia, we ensure that our children:


  • Know they are part of a family that cares about them
  • Always have others by their side
  • Understand that a community is built by many cultures, faiths and beliefs and they are all equally valued
  • Understand that each and every individual is just as important as the next
  • Understand that our school community is built upon love