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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

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Ofsted and Performance Data

In June 2019, Littlebourne was graded as GOOD in all areas by Ofsted

Extracts from our latest Ofsted Report - June 2019


  • Pupils benefit from a curriculum that is interesting and challenging - pupils speak positively about the variety of subjects they learn and the fun in the curriculum
  • This is an inclusive school that is focused on ensuring the well-being of all pupils - pupils feel valued, listened to and respected
  • Pupils in the early years make a strong start to their time in school - teachers' energy and enthusiasm rubs off on the children and as a result they are keen and inquisitive learners
  • Pupils are prepared well for life in modern Britain -  'It's OK to be yourself here and everyone is treated the same no matter what religion or culture you come
  • Parents are unanimous in their praise for the school and the work of its staff - 'I have found the school to be very welcoming, nurturing and supportive, where all staff go above and beyond to promote the all-round development of each and every child'
  • The quality of teaching has improved (from the previous inspection) and continues to do so - teachers plan learning that is interesting and relevant to pupils
  • Pupils work well and support each other in their learning - interesting learning opportunities result in pupils being motivated to learn and keen to increase their knowledge
  • Leaders and governors are determined that the school plays an important role within the community and contributes positively to life in the village - leaders have the support of parents to improve the school further
  • Behaviour is good - pupils are polite and welcoming to each other and to visitors to the school - pupils were observed making mature choices about their behaviour and being considerate to the needs of others


Comments made at our recent Open Day for parents included


'beautiful learning environment'         'friendly staff who know children well and have high expectations'      


                                                     'polite and helpful children'    


        'my boys were brimming with pride'                     'great communication with parents'        


                                            'my daughter is made to feel so special



Another useful source of information about the school is the ParentView website

KS2 Assessment Information - June 2019

This data relates to a cohort of 16 children


Achieving expected standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined                    79%  (national - 65%)

Achieving higher standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined                        29%  (national - 11%)



Attainment:  63% achieved expected standard with 13% achieving higher standard

Average Scaled Score:   103   (national 105)

Progress:  -2.2   



Attainment: 81% achieved the expected standard with 13% achieving higher standard

Average Scaled Score: not applicable for writing

Progress:       -0.5  


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Attainment: 69% achieved the expected standard with 31% achieving higher standard

Average Scaled Score: 104     (national 106)

Progress:      not applicable for GPS



Attainment: 50% achieved the expected standard with 0% achieving higher standard

Average Scaled Score: 98     (national 104)

Progress: -6.5     


Here is our school data for the year 2018 - 2019.

Performance Tables


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school and college performance tables  


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