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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

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How do you assess and review the progress of pupils with SEN/D?

At Littlebourne, we follow the Graduated Approach. This is a four-part cycle comprising of; Assess, Plan, Do, Review.

The class teacher will work with the SENCO to carry out a clear analysis of the pupil’s needs.


This will draw on:


  • The teacher’s assessment and experience of the pupil
  • Their previous progress and attainment or behaviour
  • Other teachers’ assessments, where relevant
  • The individual’s development in comparison to their peers and national data
  • The views and experience of parents
  • The pupil’s own views where appropriate
  • Advice from external support services, if relevant


The assessment will be reviewed when required.


Additionally, every pupil in the school has their progress tracked 6 times per academic year. Progress made by all children is discussed by the class teacher, the Headteacher and the SENCO at Pupil Progress Meetings at these 6 regular intervals throughout the year. We review the effectiveness of interventions on the Class Provision Maps in order to measure progress.