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Littlebourne and Place2Be Children's Mental Health Week

Place To Be's Children's Mental Health Week


Since 2020 Littlebourne School has participated in Place To Be's Children's Mental Health Week.



Support for Parent's and Carers


The Parent and Carer section of the Place2Be website offers a wealth of advice and areas for further support in many different areas that you may need additional support in, including transitions to primary and secondary school.


Place 2Be's dedicated 'Parenting Smart' resource is also incredibly valuable for all parents and carers.





Place2Be collaborated with the City Mental Health Alliance to produce a really useful booklet to cover mental health awareness including devising supportive habits with your children, difficulties parents may encounter along the way and further avenues for support in times of difficulty.


Children's Mental Health Week in Action


To mark the end of our Children's Mental Health Week, we now dedicate a weekly newsletter to sharing  all the exciting activities we have been participating in and additional areas for support to further highlight our passion to celebrating mental health and wellbeing in our school community.










2023 - Littlebourne Children Mental Health Week - Let's Connect  


Newsletter Children's Mental Health Week                                  2023


Let's Connect Place2Be Resources for                             Parent's and Carers






















2022- Littlebourne Children's Mental Health week - Growing Together 


Newsletter Children's Mental Health Week                            2022