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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

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Teaching Reading

The teaching of reading is a fundamental part of the learning experience and here at Littlebourne, we provide our pupils with a variety of reading opportunities to allow them to learn to love reading.


We take every opportunity to promote reading and the importance this has on our ability to make sense of the world.  These opportunities include:


  • Whole class reading sessions
  • Regular independent reading
  • Home reading
  • Cross curricular reading
  • Shared reading opportunities.

Whole Class Reading


We use DERIC as a whole class approach to teach reading skills from Year 1 upwards.  This equips our pupils with the necessary skills to be successful independent readers.  It allows us to explicitly teach fluency and comprehension skills which can be applied to all types of reading.


 D = Decode


This is the sounding out and blending of words.  Focusing on this strand builds the children's confidence with reading words on sight. 




E = Explain


This provides the children with the opportunity to explain the meaning of words or what is happening within a text they have read.  It helps them to make sense of what they are reading.




R = Retrieve


This allows the children to seek out the answers to questions using the text or pictures.  It builds on their ability to find evidence and understand what they are reading.




I = Interpret


This promotes inference skills by allowing the children to use the clues within the text, along with what they already know, to make suggestions about what they have read.  It also allows the children to justify their reasons which in turn builds their comprehension skills.



C = Choice


This allows the children to bring their ideas and thinking together and think about a text in finer detail.  It also allows the children to pick apart why certain language has been used thus supporting them to explore the scale of meaning linked to vocabulary.