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Pupil Leadership

At Littlebourne we really value the contribution our pupils make to the school.  They have fantastic ideas and work hard and make things happen.


This year, we have decided that, in order for even more children to be involved in making decisions and planning events, we have created school Teams which will be responsible for different aspects of school life.




Our Charities Team


The Charities Team will be responsible for deciding which charities and events the school will support during the year.  They will plan and organise events to raise money, make posters to promote the fund-raising activities and write letters to inform parents and carers.  You will be able to see what they do and the monies they raise on this page.

Picture 1 Our Charities Team

Our Eco-Team are passionate about protecting the environment and encouraging others to think of the little changes we can make to help create a better world.  This, of course, begins within the school, but our Eco-Team is keen to keep their eyes open to follow what is happening in the wider world.   Their ideas and events will appear on this page. 

Our Events Team

Our Events Team 1
The Events Team are ready with lots of ideas for school - based competitions and events to engage the children across the school in special activities.  Look out for what they are planning on this page!