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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

Together, we grow, thrive and achieve




At Littlebourne, we want the children to grow as budding artists by nurturing their creativity and willingness to experiment with different mediums in Art, so that each child has a deeper understanding of how to use different mediums effectively.  This ultimately comes down to experimenting, testing things out and coming to their own conclusions. Having this ‘hands on’ approach will enable the children to be individuals, which will be shown through their final pieces of Art work. We do not carbon copy Art or an Artist’s work, we explore artist styles and promote the children’s own interpretations and flare. We will guide the children on a journey in becoming confident independent artists, having their own visions and exploring what they like to use and perfecting the skills needed in their favourite mediums. Our children will be well equipped for secondary school where they will be able to thrive and achieve in future Art and Design endeavours.




We allow the children to explore a rage of different mediums each term to enable skills to be both fluid and embedded.  Our art curriculum starts within EYFS where the children are engaged and enthused to learn about a range of medium choices.   These starting points are threaded throughout learning opportunities to ensure a passion for expression is hooked early.  All children from year 1 to year 6 have their own sketchbooks where they experiment and learn how to use different mediums, decide what they like and dislike and perfect the skills needed to enable them to reach set end points.  Creativity and individuality is celebrated through board or communal displays and children are encouraged to be proud of their style.




Our children will be able to:


  • Express and talk about their love for Art and creativity
  • Confidently create through freedom to experiment and explore.
  • Make connections throughout our rich and broad progressive curriculum.
  • Confidently talk about artists they have explored
  • Confidently give reasons for their thoughts, opinions and expression.


We have been awarded the Silver Artsmark Award for our commitment to arts and culture which acknowledges how we value and promote this within our setting.  We strive to ensure that all children and young people can develop and display their arts skills within and beyond the core timetable.