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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

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How does Littlebourne adapt the curriculum and learning environment for pupils with SEN/D?

At Littlebourne we follow the advice in the Mainstream Core Standards on how to adapt the curriculum and the learning environment for pupils with Special Educational Needs. 

There is also a parent information guide.

We also incorporate the advice provided as a result of assessments, both internal and external, and the strategies described in Education, Health and Care Plans.


We make the following adaptations to ensure all pupils’ needs are met:


  • Differentiating our curriculum to ensure all pupils are able to access it, for example, by grouping, 1:1 work, teaching style, content of the lesson, etc.
  • Adapting our resources and staffing
  • Using recommended aids, such as laptops, coloured overlays, visual timetables, larger font, etc.
  • Differentiating our teaching, for example, giving longer processing times, pre-teaching of key vocabulary, reading instructions aloud, etc.


From September 2021, Littlebourne adopted the Engagement Model to support our children with more complex needs. The Engagement Model focuses on 5 keys areas: exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation, giving professionals a model to assess pupils who are not engaged in subject specific study. Using this model allows us to celebrate the strengths of our pupils, enabling us to reflect on the bespoke curriculums we offer to our pupils with the most complex needs at Littlebourne CE Primary School.


As part of our requirement to keep the appropriateness of our curriculum and learning environment under review, the Senior Leadership Team and Governors continuously make improvements as part of the school’s accessibility planning (see Accessibility Plan 2021-2023). 


These identified improvements include a planned cycle of staff development and training, purchasing of specific resources and development of specific curriculum areas and strategies.


At Littlebourne CE Primary School there is:


  • A disabled toilet
  • Automated doors to the entrance of the school and identified accessible entrances around the premises
  • The outside areas of the EYFS and Key Stage 1 areas have been developed to support active child-initiated learning.   


Our library is an inviting environment and is used to promote a love of reading form every age group in the school.