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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

Together, we grow, thrive and achieve

How do children with SEN/D at Littlebourne engage in activities at school (including physical activities) together with children who do not have Special Educational Needs?


All clubs, trips and activities offered to pupils at Littlebourne are available to pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, either with or without an Education, Health and Care Plan.  Where it is necessary, the school will use the resources available to provide additional adult support to enable the safe participation of the pupil in the activity. We will seek to make reasonable adjustments and we will liaise with parents to consider how we can overcome any potential barriers.


Where appropriate, an individual risk assessment will be written. 


All pupils with SEN/D are encouraged to be part of the extra-curricular clubs (when operational), breakfast and after school clubs (when operational) in order to promote teamwork/building friendships and as part of any additional opportunities available to pupils with no SEN/D.


All pupils are encouraged to go on our residential trip(s) when available.


All pupils are encouraged to take part in sports day/school plays/whole class workshops and experience events.


No pupil is ever excluded from taking part in these activities because of their Special Educational Needs or disability.


We support pupils with SEN/D to ensure none of our pupils are treated less favourably than any other pupil by:


  • Ensuring our inclusive ethos is embraced by all
  • Developing our pupils understanding and appreciation of uniqueness
  • Nurturing all of our pupil’s developing talents and strengths