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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

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Year 1

Welcome to Owls Class 



Welcome to Owls class! Owls pride themselves on being kind, caring and polite learners. We enjoy helping each other with our learning and asking lots of questions to deepen our understanding of the world we live in. Our classroom is centred around creativity, happiness and curiosity.  

As a whole class, we enjoy shared reading and reading for pleasure. We love picking a picture book from Miss Hobbs’ book box and practising becoming story tellers in pairs. We also look forward to our shared story time during snack and at the end of the day. One of our favourite books this year has been the traditional tale Jack and the Beanstalk.

We love our calm zone in our class and are learning how to recognise and regulate our emotions using this zone in addition to our zones of regulation board. We like to check in multiple times a day to consider how we are feeling and are learning strategies to support ourselves in being ready to maximize our learning.

We thoroughly enjoy working as a team and collect marbles based on our values across the term. We enjoy watching the jar fill up and then earning our reward at the end. One of our favourite reward so far was having a sandwich party inspired by Paddington Bear.

We are ambitious writers and we really enjoy learning new star words that we can use in our sentences, especially new adjectives to describe. We often like to draw upon our background knowledge and use star words across the curriculum to enhance our writing too! You’ll also hear us talking about sticky knowledge, and challenging ourselves to recall key learn facts from previous terms to continue building upon our knowledge.

We love learning across the whole curriculum, but our favourite subjects are history, geography and music. We love these lessons because we enjoy learning through really practical sessions and using lots of resources to enhance our learning journey.



Sofia - “I really do love coming. I think that the things I like the most are RE, talking about the world and maths. I especially like it when we see photos of different places and learn facts about them.”


Luis - “I like that we have a quiet area in Owls and it’s calm and comfy and I like the pillows. I can go there and it helps me be ready to learn.”


George - “I like our science learning when we look at lots of different things in our world and learn the words that are their properties. It’s lots of learning.”


Alfie - “I like learning and the stories we read and act out together, it’s really fun!”


Ivy - “The people in our class are very kind to everyone and it makes me feel happy to come to Owls.”


Elsie - “We’ve all got nice friends and play together kindly. I like being in Owls!”


Harrison - “I like everything, when we learn with Lego in maths it’s really fun.”