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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

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Year R

Welcome to Bees Class

Welcome to Bees Class! In Bees we start our day with phonics, where we learn letters, and the sounds they make. Phonics is fundamental for the early progression of reading. Bees show a love and enthusiasm to learning and challenging themselves to read and write. Each term Bees have a focused topic, in which we explore through key books, videos, role play, conversation and topic related activities. Learning about various topics, extends children’s knowledge about the world and allows them to be curious and ask questions. Furthermore, this creates links and aims to achieve the early learning goals stated in the Early Years’ Foundation Stage by the end of reception. Bees learn most of their retained information through taking risks, exploring textures, building relationships and having at go. They get ample opportunities to enjoy their learning through water, sand, mark making, cutting, building, imagining, talking and outdoor provision. In reception, we set the foundational stepping stones for their future in school by linking subjects from EYFS to the national curriculum, for example, science-based experiments and learning about other counties and their traditions with links to geography.