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Littlebourne Church of England Primary School

Together, we grow, thrive and achieve

Year 6

Welcome to Lions Class 

Welcome to Lions class. In our class, we are dedicated and excited learners, that enjoy a challenge! Our classroom is built around mutual respect, and we work hard to build an environment where everyone’s voice is heard. 


We begin each day with a sticky knowledge task before registration. This then leads into guided reading, where we explore our key text, answering explain, retrieve, inference and choice questions. Maths, a firm favourite of ours, is a mixture of formal lessons and active application lessons. Our topic is weaved through our writing, with other subjects influencing this, we love learning new vocabulary and use this to up-level our writing.


Although we thoroughly enjoy all subjects, we have a passion for art and we use this to influence our work wherever possible. Being the oldest in the school, we take our duty as a role model seriously and often support the younger children. We love to spend time sharing books with the children in Bees class and enjoy showing them how our values shape us as individuals.


This is what some of our children say about our class:


Haaris - "I like this class because everyone is treated fairly."


Charlie - "I like it because we have brain breaks and very fun lessons."


Scarlett - "I like being a part of a class that feels comforting and welcoming. It is also interactive in every lesson and the teachers are very nice and help us whenever needed."


Martha - "I like it because Miss Joiner prepares us for secondary school."


Anna - "I like this class because of the variation in learning and we get to have fun whilst learning."


Raffy - "In Lions, I enjoy all of our lessons because Miss Joiner always makes it interesting." 


Ellen - "We get to wear shirts and ties- we look professional! I like that we are all open minded and will respect your opinion."


Harley - "In this class, I like that when you get stuck the adults explain it to you clearly."


Misbah - "It is fun, amusing and we all respect each other's opinions."